Our Service Standards

The Respect Phoneline was set up to provide information and advice to domestic violence perpetrators, as well as their partners or ex-partners, concerned family and friends and frontline workers.

We have updated our Privacy Policy.

What to expect when you get in touch

Helpline workers will treat all callers with courtesy and respect and they will use their skills to offer the most appropriate information and advice, as needed. Whether you contact us by phone or email we want to do our best to offer you the help, support and information you are looking for:

  • We aim to answer your call as soon as possible; however, we are a very busy helpline and sometimes your call will be held in a queue. While waiting in a queue you have the option to leave us a voicemail message. Your call will be held in a queue for up to 7 minutes before it is diverted to our voicemail service;
  • We aim to return your call within two working days (please note that we are closed on weekends and Bank Holidays); if you choose to leave a voicemail message please make sure that it is safe to call you back on the number you give us (we will not tell someone else answering your phone that we are calling from the Respect Phoneline, in order to protect your safety and confidentiality);
  • We aim to reply to your email within two working days;
  • We aim to deal with calls within 30 minutes because we are a very busy service and we need to give as many people the opportunity to get through to us. However, if your situation is complex Helpline Workers will not terminate the call prematurely. Also, you are welcome to call us again if you wish.
  • We do not accept third party call requests. Please don’t leave a message or email us asking us to call someone on your behalf, because it may not be safe to do so. If in doubt, please call us yourself to discuss your concerns about a friend, relative etc.

Our commitment to quality

Investing in our staff

Respect aims to offer a helpline service of high quality and for that purpose we invest in the training and development of our staff. Helpline workers are offered monthly line management, clinical supervision, and monthly helpline team meetings. They also have the opportunity to de-brief after difficult or unusual calls and their views are taken into consideration in shaping policies and procedures.

Investment in quality – accreditation

The Respect Phoneline is a full member of the Helplines Partnership, the lead organisation for non-profit helplines in the UK and Ireland. In 2014 the Respect Phoneline was accredited for the third time with the Helplines Standard –  a nationally recognised quality standard which defines and accredits best practice in helpline work. having previously been accredited in October 2007 and March 2014. The Respect Phoneline is currently in the process of going through assessment for re-accreditation.

What our callers said about us

We are keen to hear about what our callers think about the service we provide to them and we are committed to listening to their views.

Client satisfaction survey 2009-2010

Our latest client satisfaction survey had two samples: one with clients who called the Respect Phoneline and another with clients who emailed us. Some of the findings of the survey were:

  • The callers to the Respect Phoneline were satisfied with the responses they received from the worker. Most were extremely satisfied with the worker’s listening, understanding and helpfulness.
  • The clients who contacted the service by email were also mostly very satisfied with the understanding and helpfulness of the response they received.
  • The Respect Phoneline continues to offer a high quality, reliable service, according to the people using that service and often in spite of the fact that the callers are asking for help on a difficult topic and one in which they will have a range of feelings and motivations for calling or emailing.

The full report is available to download here: Respect Phoneline client satisfaction survey 2009-10

Client satisfaction survey 2008

In early 2008 we commissioned an evaluation of the Respect Phoneline aiming to assess the quality and delivery of the service against the written model of work. Some of the key findings were:

-84.2% of callers who left messages were called back well within two working days, which is the aim specified in the model of work.

-Helpline staff are clear, polite and respectful as per the model of work.

-Some perpetrators of domestic violence are stimulated to take action they had not considered before, particularly participation in a programme, as a direct result of the call to the Respect Phoneline.

-Most callers were satisfied with the service they received and felt listened to well.

-There is no other equivalent service for perpetrators, victims or others.

The full report is available to download here: Respect Phoneline evaluation report – May 2008